Monday, September 16, 2013

2031 Santa Monica Blvd

a tattoo was on her calf
a golden calf
and the smile on her face didn't go wuth empty eyes

eyes that darted .
she was seeing

she was apped to the gills
 nano particles
and all the biotech
her cells could withstand
there was nothing
glorious about her
the glory she projected came from the projections
and overrides of others

we were the last of our kind
the sterilization center gave me and Mary 5,000 dollars
to make sure

we lived though
with our own senses

and looked at THEM
not without envy
but also
as statues
and the puppets
they were

we made sure not to make eye contact
for the cameras in the wild palms around us
what could be perceived as aggression rather than an AUTOMATIC RESPONSE of pity
for the new Gods
our Bettors
       one switches back and forth  bad fiction .non fiction
                                                  scared...maybe most of all that o don't care anymore
                                                   what they do to me
                                                   or if I make you understand
.                                           ;let them do it or is it to scum only like me who draw "funny"

                                                      you ?
                                                        in 7 ..8 years you'll stand in line for it
                                                         for you..they'll be an off switch
                                                                    or so you'll think


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