Monday, September 16, 2013

Kalev 2013


The unparalleled scale and density of " Proxy Cyber" physical venues give rise to wireless-research topics in relatively uncharted operating regimes, with cost structures that can amortize across tens to hundreds of millions of units. Our work focuses on the physics of radio and antennas—with applications both analog and digital—as well as the algorithms and protocols necessary for wireless networking. ..Hanna states,appearing this time
 as Jessica Rabbit

making a shame shame gesture with her two fingers
insinuating that Betrayal
seems to run in my family
it does.I graph back why you think I went back to LA
I graPH

who you think fucking sent me ?
I LOOK AT JESSICA RABBIT  besides being gay and not into animae and sure as hell not Disney


 my late grandmother spat upon BMWs in broad day light.. she hated  WaltDisney and forbade us from watching his films explaining that not only did he dislike jews  butDiz was a " mover and shaker" in The Eugenic's Movement in 1930s
where did all that jew ,homo hater jist go after 1946?
she would say still spitting when she spoke this way although no volkswagons or german made products were in sight..she said IGFarben bought Hollywood and their were cahoots going on ...she said the acetate that is Hollywood film stock was made by Farben ...she would watch tv though I said old war films mainly and I would say that even though the film was on tv previously the it was shot on film...she spat on me when I said that and told me that I was acting like some pinko agitator trying destroy her American pastime
she said I should shut my mouth as THEY listened through the phone..


my mother was now in Mississippi some version of the Church of Restoration her latest flame .buying up real estate in Mississippi ,asking the flock to build or rebuild the houses ..and charging them for "the classes he was giving them in masonry"  and "how to "do" construction work"
next charging them to 2 times the value of the houses they themselves built  for the was now  a thriving development ...I wasn't allowed their because I was a deviant faggot
 when I visited Mississippi I had to meet my mother  outside a Pigly Wigly
she wore a face mask and gloves which made it difficult to talk
her Boyfriend saidI might have a disease..and I had to keep 3 ft from her at all times she didn't want to become gay  or get any homo like tendencies..

my mother lived off the grid
in fear of various bench warrants in 20 some states
she was a pro

on the phone at least
she spoke whatever her latest boyfriend was talking
or preaching she told me that Jesus had said on the mount

"The ultimate ideal sought is a perfect society constituted of perfect individuals.and the spark one feels getting rid of those that might dimish it

I told her that Jesus never said  anything like that but Harvey Ernest Jordan  ,a eugenicist did in 1912

She told me to Hush one never knew who was listening and finished the conversation stating that "Yids  cover up for their physical althletic ineptitudes with bookwormy didactics....and pushed some numbers on the phone

I met her the next tues day
as the beep beep
beep indicated
behind the grocery store

 she took off her face mask and kissed me
she opened up her pocketbook and gave me some files and falsified contracting and licensing photocopies..she wanted to Move ON to a nice little suburb  some Prophet  named Tim had built  Wyoming.and said My stepfather  had moved to LA to "get ahead" in the Org..he always liked you she said
I lifted up my cow lick I purposely gre long and showed her the cut and bump above left eyebrow

"Oh yeah he liked me long time"

"he was jealous of you making  cheerio move I know and you know that cheerio wasn't sliding on spilt milk ,"she laughed..holding me..'you have to go their ,,or all of this would be for nothing..
besides the guys are cuter in LA
LA is nice this time of year
she gave me money
and told me where to stay
"they like scrubby..not druggy...let me look at your eyes."

He wants this ,you'll sleep on the couch,take some classes..from her bottomless pocketbook she removed a construction blueprint...but up close it looked like it had more to do with wiring and electronics..she smacked my hand...grabbed the paper back and told me to keep it in my sock..We're curious .What THEY will do with itV2K - voice to skull device - is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. Voices can be for commands or harassment these attacks that may mimic the  Target Individuals (TI)'s  own voice. V2K can also use to induce or manipulate dreams and  to deprived a  TI sleep.

a complete
temporal over ride of one's 5 senses is what Immersive Reality is all can cure the most severe mental illness in days not years- Dr.Eugene Landy `1998

I feel leather in my mouth
and a spiked shoe on my chest*

Jessica Rabbit
gets closer or this is what my perception allows me to see

  she is upon me
but in the guise .in the interface occipital over-ride
 a real rabbit six feet tall
the silliness of a cartoon in a dress a grotesque image of a giant rabbit  who in my occipital overlay
is close enough to produce true terror

 as the  new  tactile technology that modifies the user and the used tactile perception of the physical world  with biosensor actuators  create rich  artificial tactile sensations  on the "subjects\,s"human skin.- A voice explains like a professor

the rabbit fur against me.
this is what I feel
also the eyelashes of the rabbit eye to eye 
I scream
I graphtowards  Evan , "Stop"




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