Wednesday, September 11, 2013



48,000$ a year

 she could have been making at least twice that at IBM which was also experimenting with new surveillance techniques as well.

Flying every 3 days to  St Louis or Indianapolis, or larger airports in the same mid west time zone to do her slide or power point presentations in over decorated,underlit  banquet halls in mid priced “luxury “ hotels nearby to sell to the already sold.

. Bright red chairs all in a row.Yawns and coughs as the  lectures reached mid point.This was not what she signed up for when she had set out to be in on the new frontier of computer communication systems.

The projected  slide behind her was upside down.she made a gesture with her index finger and her assistant skipped to the next image. A generic photograph of a bustling airport..people in line.waiting.the next slide showed cameras. and the next a control room with close ups of various faces on monitors Parasol was an innovator  of interpretive software that read both expressions and facial cues. Parasol also made the new Scanning equipment that was easier to use and much cheaper than facial recognition. Parasol scanned and interpreted  the actual brain waves of passengers .

.It was the latest strategy for safe travel  

, BUT”don’t ever call it Mind Reading .” her bosses had said. “it just sounds bad.Call it Neural scanning. But This was easier said than done. for there was always some softhearted liberal in the crowd  with their hand held especially high…

“now about this mind reading equipment”

“we call it neural scanning she would say”

  Inevitably they would bring up things like  civil liberties. How or why such persons had jobs in surveillance was beyond her.

Sometimes she believed they just liked challenging her “Yes yes,”she would smile , of course there were ethical considerations concerning brain scans adding that they were   currently in the grey zone  of such concerns  as the innovations that Parasol Products was   making toward  safer travel and a safer world   were ahead  of current  legalities.

A  9 minute scan could adequately sum up an individuals mind set concerning intent.A nine minute reading of one’s inner monologue while intrusive insured safety in the airways.If one didn’t want to “be read” she might tell the provocateur than maybe one might best just “ take the train

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