Friday, September 6, 2013


Tru Christie not EVAN who seems to swing a bit BOTH ways or which ever way my daily algorythems require
is in da" house
on da" head set

Tru Christie dates Valerie Prentis head of Parasol Pictures Intra Neural TV division..
if you ask me he is her bitch
TRu Christie gives a damn about Neuronautic Self Help Movement
just TV and making me skwirm

my arch enemy
"know what faggit?I'm curious if there's any information
on how to
make a noose online
I bet you a night without night terrors
there damn well is..

I am curious as well
for lately I am too ADHD
scattered by the mind to mind
to even get a hotel room
as I need at times to at least know there's 13 floors or so

15 at least Tru graphs
we need a sure thing

...between me and the Real Heaven and Hell
and I reckon G-d doesn't like "play them (heaven and hell) back and forth for  testing ....

for you tru graphs ,he'd make an exception

I despise Tru Christie  is a psychotronic version of satan if you ask me..

he has gutted my name all over LA
and has told people the most sicken things about my internal monolog
he makes EVAN look like an angel

it is personal between Tru and I
if people come back to life
I will meet him again
they bring back Tru
when I act up
trashing the various companies participating in

"manning" other men's 5 senses and nervous system
for neuro testing

Tru does not "play" at hating fags or malcontents of in his words "dubious " character.
he has privately hired what might be called minions to beat me up
or hit me with cars
put a gun in my mouth
strangle me
as well as slip BZ,acid and all sorts of shit in my "partaking"misdemeanors

if the real story of how psychotronic advancements were made is ever to be told
it would have to begin with Tru...
who hates me in such a way
that is only
by my hatred of him


    Place the rope on a flat surface in the shape of the letter "C." Find a durable rope that is at least three feet long.

  2. 2
    Form an "S" shape with the rope. Leave the lead of the rope (the bottom part of the "S") long so that you can tie it to something when you've made the noose.

  3. 3
    Compress the "S" shape. Compress the "S" shape until all three rows of rope are nearly on top of each other, with only a few inches in between them.

  4. 4
    Pinch the three lines of rope together in the middle. Pinch them tightly until the ends fan out to create a bow-tie effect.

  5. 5
    Take the top of the original "C" and wrap it around the pinched space. Wrap it from the right side to the left, leaving about three to four inches of the rope unwrapped. You should be left with a loop and a string on the left end, and just a loop on the right end of the "bow tie."

  6. 6
    Poke the end of the rope through the top of the loop left by the "S".

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