Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Wild Palm" Black

oh dear.Evan says...
Evan graphs that "well certainly have almost have ME believing your tale ...
but let me give you some advice..people in general do not like stories of victim hood.
they like "tales" of hero-hood
while you might feel like a Hero putting your neck on the rail (oh I do wish you would Dumbo..)by writing about something that should have been FUN
and was between you and your Mentors..
the way you are conveying this fallacy of Targeted Individuals and Human Experiments ...or what WE call Human is not OUR fault you turned against US and made US in turn use this fantastic equipment in such a nefarious way
too bad your readers (what are there 2 or 3 in the last month Dumbo?)can't read what we read or they might understand how "Project Dumbo" became about shooting the poor elephant down
from the limitless sky
we have offered you,rented you to SEE,HEAR and FEEL

I turn toward my own thoughts
 which is not easy
 as their is so much "chatter" from the "ANGLES,not angels in the outfield"
and remind myself that this
cozy on up
is but a technique to keep one who is  KEPT
off his cognitions..

and that i had read that Guinea Pigs kept for experimental uses besides being
fodder for so many atrocities "to get the bugs out" for science
must be petted at least 5 times a day so they "get used to" being handled 

for Innovations

 that might help mankind be either be more comfortable ,safe or in some way

long after the Guinie Pigs are vivsected

They put "the bugs in" a cross section of the population to "get the bugs out' of mind to mind communications
and also "pet us"
veer back to "kindness" so we will be more responsive to
various psychological horrorshow computer generated imagery..

"accidents will happen " Evan sings....and I pop another Benzo..
and wonder
how i can be the Hero in "the story"
when a. I am this close according to THEM to be "Silkwooded" by a Wild Palm Black Land Rover
and have begun
assimilating their taunts
into self hate

Evan 's singing of Elvis Costell segues into a rare audio clip
reminding me
to turn

"and FAST" a new voice graphs,completely different than any "voice"I have ever heard from


slipping back into a more fictionalized frame of mind
which i am aware all but negates previous entries

"Not Enough they don't"I hear..not sure if the thought is my own or...


a cool friendly steady voice states that just like in any relationship there will be periods of static and agressive recoil.that it is up to one or the other parties involved in a "relationship" to decide if there is enough left to future communications .and or bother continuing with the interface.

the visual of the Black car
becomes a visual of
"The Artist" having his eyes poked out by Angie Dickinson

so we're back to THIS I scream inside my head.
I can't take THIS again.
the imagery is too vivid
The program they reference was too weird to begin with
as if it were made for

The New Way


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