Saturday, September 21, 2013

Definition :The Community Theater


 The Community Theater -a hate group with no known leader that has alleged acquired RFD "chips" and nano particles to test Immersive Reality and Artificial Intelligence on unsuspecting citizens.... allegedly  the technology makes human to human interface possible some victim's claim once they have been "tagged" another source (see Brain Computer Interface,Chatterbox and Voice of God Technology)  also can  override(or overlap)  a victim 's 5 senses. Although there is evidence that this  type of technology( synthetic telepathy)is being developed by various laboratories and universities there is no documentation that Human Experimentation is taking place even so ,a growing number of people who call themselves Targeted Individuals are claiming not only are these advancements being used but abused purposely -
targeted individuals website that provides information on gang stalking, methods and tactics

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