Friday, September 6, 2013

SUBJECT:Day of The Proxy

what's the natural
thing a person does Dumbo if one hears a maniac screaming in the street about brain sway technology
one runs in the other direction
as is the case with people
who might come across a blog written in this hysterical fashion

which is why I propose
turning your delusions( or for all anyone but you and your Mentors know
what is really happening in real life)
into a movie
on film
when a crazy person
or one perceived to crazy
starts talking about 'chip implants'
we as an audience ZOOM IN and

I am not cheaping your experience
or "the story" with my spin
on what you have explained to be

 Your sexually deviant friend ,

graph this Tru Christie a CLOSE UP of my middle finger
and if he keeps up the Psychotronic Torture* I will not write him into the film

*Freedom From Psychotronic Torture Activist Group
James F. Marino
03/19/2012 07:57:42

Since the founding of the United States Constitution, Americans as a people have always believed that we were special. We were told so by our own ******** in that each of us was afforded the right to protections under this Constitution, which would grant us liberty and justice for all. It was this promise which made the United States different from all other countries; a promise which made it the country that people from around the globe immigrated to in the pursuit of such personal freedom.

As Americans, each of us has since childhood, been ingrained with the ideals of our country's forefathers; ideals which we always believed we shared as a nation: that all US citizens were created equal and that as such we were all guaranteed the rights afforded us by our Constitution, including that of due process.

However, over the centuries, something has gone terribly wrong. No longer are the rights which were promised by this Constitution available to all of us. Instead, receiving justice in the courts now appears to be more of an issue of personal wealth then that of being an American citizen.For many of us, the rights provided to us by our Constitution have eroded to the point where we no longer have protection from it. For some of us, even the Constitutional amendment guaranteeing us the right to due process seems to have been eradicated.

The Freedom From Psychotronic Activist Group consist of American citizens who have had been deprived of our Constitutional rights. While none of us have been charged with a crime, each has been subjected to the most blatant forms of Constitutional abuse imaginable.

We have been repeatedly abused by our own government through their use of advanced technology: classified weaponry which we have termed psychotronic weapons. These weapons vary in type but each is used for one purpose: to torture those being targeted by them.

Some of these weapons can be used to remotely physically torture a target while others are used to manipulate a target's mind through the use of what we term synthetic telepathy. Through the ********** use of synthetic telepathy, those targeted can have their thoughts not only read, but also influenced. This type of abuse occurs daily for most of us, and is the most outrageous abuse of human rights imaginable,since it is used to invade the privacy of one's mind. While there are many targeted individuals now coming forward describing their accounts of these abuses, we know that there are perhaps thousands of others whom are also being abused in this way, but have no where to turn to seek help.

Since most of this abuse occurs at the hands of the ********, by way of the *****, we are not able to receive help in a conventional sense, in that even the local police in our respective communities will not investigate our complaints. We have been left with no other choice but to expose to the American public, the serious crimes that the ******** is perpetrating against us. We have listed numerous Websites below in regard to others who've been targeted for the aforementioned harassment.

We have also included Websites which offer further information about the illegal technology that is being used against us. Please help us to end these abuses before you find yourselves becoming victims of them. We are offering you an education which we have had to obtain the hard way. Please take advantage of the information that we are providing you with.

The FFTP Group is at present actively pursuing solutions to these problems. As mentioned, alerting the ******* to our plight has fallen on deaf ears, so we are going to the American people to alert you to the despicable crimes being perpetrated against us by our own ********.
Informative Websites On The ******** Illegal Use Of Mind Control/Gang Stalking (partial list):

Dr. Young's site, The Inner Link, helps regulate homeostatsis and boosts resistance to the effects of life's stresses (including EMF's – Electro Magnetic fields)

John McMurtrey's research and John Allman's Christians Against Mental Slavery Websites On Inner Voice, Target Tracking, and Behavioral Influence Technologies

Suz LeBoeuf, who worked as a social worker and clinician as well as being a target, shares her video's and commentary at

Lyme disease, a biological weapon?

Richard Gall Scotland's site where electronic stimulation of the brain, and projects like ****** are described

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