Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a minus level 3 deviant subversive

I read the e mails from billy...about making lemons in lemonaid ...about using the human guinie pig stuff...they used me
to try to make something good of it...
a movie...
but the mandlers don't care for billy.
and they way he rags on everything
his negativity
for instance to The Gr8 Gatsby
or the mutual people we know
they say he's a bad influence.
and an old Way thinker.
and I know I am not supposed to go near Ruiners who have not been through The Process.
either by taking classes at one of several Neuronautics Life Enrichment centers
or by intra neural mind to mind bio sensor voice to skull emotivations (the high standards of "How to Be"_ of temporal over lap by Betters who have attained higher states of Being by reaching levels of mindsmanship
through diligent study

they gawf when I laugh at some of Billy's ramblings in the email
finding Billt's style of thought (as interpreted by his writings and than by me and than through interface by them as Level minus three deviant..
as dlearly is not only Billy as homosexual but also one of those homosexuals that
has acquired a Group Thought "Gay ghetto"
what I suppose Billy thinks is  wit to deal with his deviancy
 which they find disgusting
it is bad enuf evan explains that I am attracted to men
but at least we have come far enuf that you
don't thwart your sickness into a fake sense of "I am what I am"
and that most of my outside traits
make me at least appear "normal:
and if I did not say anything to anyone
or engage in sexual activity with guys
Evan graphs that only my trained mind to mind interfaces
would reveal just how deviant I am
"it is whi we do not want you to paint ...until we can move you even further up the
social harmonic scale..

I like Billy
he has a strange sense of humor .
and his "wit" can be mean...
but I sort of like the idea of making lemons into lemonaid

NO MORE BILLY .Dumbo or you know how BAD things can get.
I do not want you to even open his emails Evan interfaces
or call him or see him again.
already you are regressing
from a deviant minus one to a deviant minus 3 subversive


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