Monday, September 9, 2013


Evan Rainy's wife
an actress
a beautiful woman named Marianne agreed to be "apped"
(for a  guaranteed  recurring role on a new C.S.I spin off)
DomeProxy Cyber
during pregnancy
the Impart technology in the Hz range that would not affect
what they "jokingly" called  Co-OpEratIon ROsemarY
and the mind reading techno would be used
 by Valerie Prentis
to help personalize the
Brain Computer Interface 
in the contract a stipulation was
addend -ed that  Marianne's  baby
would be free from
Mind Manipulation rundowns
as the point of this specific testing was to see if
"artificial intelligence" tethering
would or could effect
the unborn child
although it was agreed that the baby's mind would not be
augmented nor enhanced
Marianne had her suspicions
but it was a great opportunity
and the C',S,I  spin off looked promising
Marianne  had not worked for two years
in anything besides a few commercials
Her income
would help her raise

whom Valerie
either Adrian or Damian

Marianne had been a science-ideology based Neuronaut
since 1992
as the self help group
had been know to help a lot of others in the Industry
get over stage fright

although she broke with the group in 1995
an old high school friend
brought her back "to the fold"
and helped her pay for classes
so Marianne could reach Level 5
"in no time flat"

2026(the book of Adrian)

in times of
or crisis
or terror
(or big business
trying to create an app
used for such)

the men in uniform
 be the uniform be  white shirts or blue shirts
and ties

or other standard issue

or THE MEN with either badges...or some form of ID stating that for whatever reason THEY may "take you away"
be it in a cop car
flying to the mid east etc..

(during crisis or war)
 may are allowed to
 take over your home
your car
and your son (or daughter)                                      could you imagine
                                                                if people with such power had apps
                                                                    and could essentially commandeer you to
                                                                             have them placed in your body I know
                                                                          tis" science fiction
well I reckon if
one is
a good citizen
 one goes
all flag wavey ..
and smiles
"anything I can do for the cause Sir "

but suppose they

       stay in your house

keep your son for years

now imagine if they apped your son" for the cause"
this imaginary shit i'm writing
why in the year 5022 or something it could really happen

problem is even if your son(or daughter) was all for the cause
after awhile
he might turn against it
and start caring more about such things as
his own liberty
and shit like that

and wonder
hey this ain't no cause
this is against ME specifically

this war is against me

AM the bad people

I reckon I am not alone saying

 one tends to eventually
care for their own STATE
of things

their OWN
BODY or House or car
and says "uh can I have my house back ,have you commandeered it enuf..the ever present enemy on the front lawn left 5 years ago..and could you please keep your feet off the coffee table
but you can't say anything
it's now their
coffee table


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