Monday, September 30, 2013

What Direct Brain -Computer Interface Means to You

 Direct Brain-Computer Interface. . Research in controlling a person's  cognitions ,senses and emotions was begun in the 1970s.
 Invasive BCI  previously required  that sensors be implanted directly into the brain 
 .In the late 90's nano or macro technology was advanced enough that such implantation neither required incision nor the subject's consent, as the  biosensors could be induced into another's body through either skin to skin contact(lotion,shampoo,) or any number of potables  or edibles
 By the mid 2000's enough of a demographic of neural"styles" had been
collected" to encode another's brain waves with very little " real time" delay in terms of deciphering another's mind into sentences.
 In 2008 it is believed that both the "blue print"  for these  nano bio sensors were outsourced to various fields and corporations curious as to how these "implants" might work .
 .The latest innovation is  even more less-invasive and requires no bio sensors at all, instead relying on an already viable,established that relies on both micro and electromagnetic waves Open Airway -K.T**te

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