Tuesday, September 3, 2013

subject:being zac effron(Day of The Proxy)

Remember when you were writing about “it” in a way anyone but a schizophrenic could understand.

(don’t get me wrong about minimizing your state of real or imagined “appedness” or that you’re seeing and hearing “problem” can’t be just what you claim ..I am saying that the blog is schizo..meaning all over the place…and all that science you tossed in just makes me groan not “agree”…and even if you are a victim of human experimentation at least your entries and the way you wrote about the circumstances had some leveity “in the beginning”..and as you stated the best way for something so far out to maybe ring true ..or be understood is to write it in a more conventional manner…and what’s more conventional than a movie script.?i see it as a film more than a novel…but maybe I’m just more into film than books…

That being said

I think step one is having‘fun” with it…

And to be honest this Dumbo character is no fun

So…Let’s get rid of Dumbo and bring it back to Cole

After all Cole is sort of Dumbo-ish but without the baggage of this Real Time/Real Crime “this isn’t a dream this is really happening …heebie jeebies . I mean honey …nobody sees it…so nobody is gonna believe it…dispite all that science you weave in I mean they didn’t give you no antenna ..not even a wild palm tattoo baby…and I hate to say it hon but that blog is all over the place schizo l bits and pieceses of story about Gary Rainey, … …. and Dome Cyber Proxy we gotta tighten this bitch up ! put it on a treadmill ..i don’t wanna cheapen your plight kiddo but let me “splain something sweetheart NOBODY BELIEVES NOTHIN” They ain’t seen On TV…or in the movies..That’s why I say write this as a screenplay ..and besides THERE could BE MONY MONY in this monkey wrench or believe my hon,I wouldn’t bother of reading it to begin with…BOY you Cray cray writing this online ..cuz IF it IS true I sorta think your “mandlers” sorta want this human experiment stuff sorta on the down low..but than again you could never keep anything to yourself..I still don’t forgive you telling Jamie I thought he looked better before his chin implant..sometimes YOU don’t think… I can see why they call you Dumbo sorry ..anywho The Subject was movies and script writing …and ME being your movie writing MuseJ first of all . We don’t want no Tree of Life here. At LEAST not for one our first feature ( at first I was thinking perhaps we should just rewrite it as a play, , just to have a better chance of producing it ourselves. (Remember three years ago when Joan put on that mess in her basement that Eugene o neil neily O hara mess ,,it did get a write up .. No. Forget it. Let’s go big! Let’s make this Cybernetic Avatar puppet people bitch 3d holographic! Strait to brain virtual reality you wacho!..sorry I be adding it UP on Adderal..I stole them from Jason I swear that’s the reason I ask him to come over these days…talk about someone needing some Intraneural intervention…Now just so you take me seriously I even marched on down to a bnookstore and bought a book on How to write a screenplay and spend 19 bucks on that bad boy,,FIRST we need to write a treatment 3 or 4 pages of plot., plot. Plot, plot. Antogonist must WANT something See how academic I can be when I smell money, baby?It must be tangible and make REASONABLE sense And as you know , to me at least, the only reason for anything is sex, sex, sex

. So long story short they app Cole to make him some kind of sex slave..albiet through vicarious intra neural experience.
working title>DAY OF THE PROXY,we'll change it later:)

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