Tuesday, September 17, 2013

we will cut you UPPPPPPPPPPPP

 July 9th 2011

don't come to LA
or you'll regret it

don't come near me
or you've had it

blowing off steam
crazy steam
like the steam iron wife number 3 burnt me with to coincide with that episode of "Good Times"
you sick fuck!

 if I say Barney
what do you think of but rubble
if I say Dakota
do you think of a state ahh doi ahh doi...

schizophrenia is movies and tv
schizophrenia is virtual reality
schizophrenia is words
love is
thinking without words
words make associations
and destroy a human mind
read inway to the enway again and tell me again that Gary Rainy is a fraud

you're a fraud
you're a pig

associations let more than one person
they sure do
the people developing virtual reality
are madmen
they pride themselves on being cowboys
we have developed it for peace
and to get to PEACE you must lose the words and words and words

you  raised  me specifically in a calculated way to respond mainly to televised  stimuli
so ycould let them do what to me you sick sick sick sick sick sick sick FUCK!!!

tv was first developed  as a weapon
you ain't seen nothing yet
I have

 raised like the children of The New Way  no way no way no way no way!

they saved me  from you

stay OUT of LA stay OUT of MY WAY
or we will cut you UPPPPPPPPPPPP!
not you are the chosen people scumbag!

 will tear it down
and build it again
television .the new TV is ours


mind to mind
this time

nervous system to nervous system

we are evolution
YOU are pollution.
You Ruined the world

you are a ruiner..I feel sorry for you


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