Thursday, September 5, 2013

Full Mental Racket

Evan is concerned
THIS is a private venture
he graphs
his mind
his thoughts
 and a version of his voice (which is version of his interior thought which he can augment
as a DJ would) is transmitted to my temporal lobe
the microphone he sometimes speaks into
is transmitted through bone conduction technology, which transmits sound to the brain by vibrating the bones above the ear into a new type of hearing
but it is mainly through
ocular and visual telepresence
that we meet
in the middle
but for me it's the end
this is not fun
this is being created to hurt people

it's how Evan and I converse.

from afar

Evan,when he is in "the Blue Chair" must  wear a mounted aural and visual display rigged with bio sensors which emit often terrifying
I am lucky in a sense if I try to accentuate the positive
I do not have to wear
the unbecoming head wear..
is one of the few good things about
or what other call implants
in all 50 states it is illegal to have any sort of insertive device that another is unaware of without medical licensing and such
But Evan doesn't care about any of The Old Way Rules
and I do not care about Evan's rule that i keep a lid on it
about something I was tricked into..something done
without consent
if they were traditional insertive components
it would be easy to have them show up on conventional x ray or MRI
not so with carbon based  macroprocessors nor nano particles
only one's death
and autopsy a brain slicing with a proton microscope
because  the particles are indeed in one's body
my body
there are issues
of course THEY do not care about the same issues I do on the wrongness of neuro testing
remote neural monitoring
my Mentors
are concerned for themselves
get all heebie jeebie about my speaking,writing ,drawing,recording and documenting   this illegal
free for all
as many companies are trying to collect data ...and do drastic semblances of thought augmentation and provoked exponential neural reactives before any regulation is put into effect

outsourced a dozen times
to get the project away and away from
the Change Makers and Movers and Shakers

to the lowest common denominator
of non persons including the mentally ill and homeless
this private
sector of shadow people

who once had the nerve to
 call me an urban astronaut .a pioneer.
to keep me going .
or to keep me vaguely sane
after some of the initial rundowns

 "rundowns" to pay the bills or some such bunk..
you do some gitmo shit on a fellas temporal lobe
but the subject kinda
turns feral
and can't quite move on
to the fun stuff
like "gaming and new Tv techniques"


like one human husk for TV testing and Walter Mitty Virtual Immersive
another human husk to go all Chinese psyco-water torture water board on

not some bad DJ mash up
outsource bullshit

the reason they call me dumbo by the way
is cause they say
like an elephant I refuse
to Faaagitabout it and move forward
FLY like AN Eagle NOT a dumbo

yeah yeah yeah

than you do something wrong
and they
bring back the
gitmo guys

like we told you noooo more drugs
or else..

you MADE us do this..

and the writing is a bit harsh dontcha think...
we were cool with it till you start believing you're now some soapbox hero

we had more fun when you were homeless and tricking for a soda and a bucket of chicken in Cathedral City man...

(so in fact did I )

 we only went Full Mental Racket on ya
when you
use dope
it's a racket all right
all matter of money changing hands and finger to nose implo simplo involved
and they don't pay me jack

just peter and the purple crayon shit
in my eyes and ears

"which you love when you ain't smashed on Ativan ..."

hmmmm..used to
addicted to
maybe love
as I have no off switch
shit like drugs
sex with strangers

they go pound pounce on me if I play too much music

a mandler
really don't need to hear Blurred Lines lyrics 5 times a day
NOOOO headphones.

music fucks up a neural read...
even you dumb reader can understand that

mind to mind communication with backround sound is rude
so I said
I'm fair man
no tunes too much

AND no porno
AND short showers .

it ADDS up
to feeling tooooo supplicant to "roll with it" and one
subconsciously or consciously throws feces at one's wards

 an over-ride make me forget all my troubles
like turning on the Tv except this tv is not only in yer face but in yer mind corresponding to your specifics
yeah dummy
is that so hard to understand
you want me to give some powerpoint presentation on virtual reality
..I aint no the best I can do is explain it like a dream
except you are awake and doing other things and seeing what I reckon can be called holographically
also your mood is given a tweet  make you more intuit
into it...whatever
thing is the waking immersive reality height is done by a Team...
or a computer.
if it's easier for you to get think of it as manipulated Alzheimer's 
or some acid trip
cept instead of biological chemicals that alter your mind  these showman
use waves that do the same shit
like that kayak commercial
when the brain surgeon is poking around ...
sorry for calling you dummy cuz you don't Get what i'm talkin about
I am at this point so used to being called all sorts of
"HEY KNOCK IT OFF" you're ruining the READINGS
quick thinkin about your own needs like Money and "a real life"
it bores the mandlers
think universally
more generically
you know what we mean Dumbo 
A quick mental note that this whiny-ness must stop
the sound changes lately they use
the sound of HBO before the episode of their TV shows starts
(does that noise scare you..huh are we torturing you huh huh...they said when that was introduced

trust me they didn't "bring me back" from these "rundowns " and tests I woulda been on the street foamin at the mouth
the thing I see is like trek beamin down
( this visual SCARE YOhuh does gonna wuss out again
or go Frankenstein breaking shit..?huh huh)
I graphed I would prefer pixels
or a less
obvious break the suspension of believe
fade in

the static.the beam based on star trek seems
like a Muralist didn't try too hard..
a human subject testing Virtual R. don't wanna feel

Nor do we ,Evan said..
so think in a more universal fashion
and no more corn on the cob
you clocked 20 minutes of dental concern yesterday
ever hear of a fuckin toothpick?

and NOOOOOOO thinkin of the old days
"so come off it...
with this old days stuff..
ya gotta love the mandling
most people would give anything to never be alone
always be
listened to
whose my baby boi?
whose my little monkey?
whose my little monkey man?
 my mood
(for no reason but THEM
actually Him
only Him
will do
switches to
something both prurient and ecstatic
I see
NOT you dumb reader
cuz YOU ain't got No apps...
No nano for you buddy boi who reads this as if I be insane in da membrane.....loco joke-o
 my Love interest
in a chair
he is removing his shirt
"You think you had a hard day at the office....what we need around here is a little gratitude..
and some shades
of grey
in your understanding of
the inevitable glitches
an alternate perspective of reality...
you don't REALLY want me
to go away" the spector says ,"after all we've been through ..we are just getting started...
he removes his undershirt and pants but
as always
leaves his tie on..."

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