Monday, September 16, 2013

who put the bomp in the bomp sh bomp sh bomp
Jim Bloom: Toxic Psychiatry An exhibit of Outsider Art presented by the Coalition Ingenu Self-taught Artists' Collective. Allens Lane Art Center



"don't say a word
don't say anything
I'm not even listening
You'd betta' watch your Step.....".

I used to do this clay playing and bad talkin bout shrinks
and believe this horseshit they fed me
but that was before they totally turned against me

tagged me with

oh yeah
why u think I came back from LA huh

me and the blue shirts go way back
don't we

 don't worry i'm writn this all fictionally
might even toss in some space aliens
made up science just like yer pop" Evan Rainy"

my mom
 back in 70's was a Neuronaut...
she was in everything trying to find herself
and any guy that would loan her a few bucks

 encounter groups
primal scream
wife swapping
jews for jesus
and the New Way
.she woulda run off with fuckin Charlie manson if he gave her a new tv
sorry but
now that i'm tagged
why lie.

ya can't
not when you got  the apps Brotha"
my mentors will spend fuckin days
trying to "get" a to the root of it
The Lie

this mind reading  is
sick shit
the immersive reality even sicker
but so addictive
you can't believe you lived without it
and they KNOW  you love it
they know it's addictive

they want people to PAY for IT
or else they'll turn the immersive reality wacko wacko\

you become essentially Immersive REal-ity to them

and you think I am kidding writ9ing some fuckin tale

(..wake up dear is 2013 think this shit isn't being tested on people idiot who reads this and thinks I'm nuts
 boy !
 would I like to tag you with this  and spin you round and round just so you can conceive of it)

mom's  current BF  at the time  was a  self helpin himself 24/7 eatin our food ,our alimony
and ruled our house dressed like some fuckin cartoon in some uniform thing that made him look kinda like a majorette
he used to punch us in the face and make us
try to
move little objects with our minds for hours

I once moved moved a cherrio about an inch but Boyfriend swore the telekinesis was the cheerio moving in spilt milk
it wasn't

all that night after the cheerio miracle I practiced making boyfriend 's head explode with my mind

 for a while we went
to the Neuronautic's center

the seeing center
the" see" org
based on
a new way of seeing
and for boyfriend made us go  to this weird school
where we'd play with clay
and think in "clay like ways"
as this helped remove word associations
that helped forein "entities" invade our bodies and shit..

when I got older and moved "back"  LA
 it was 1994 I was in my 20's and a bit of a druggie
I went to the Neuronautics center cuz it was sorta familiar
 I took a few level 1 and 2 classes
with a face to face mentor
or counselor
who said not to take  psych pills to detox  .

I tried to get off them too fast or something and had what they call a mini seizure
and came back to Philly

in 2011
I moved back to LA
and was wacked on medicinal weed all day
and like a dumbass
 began writing stories directly online about
 and the piss hit the palm tree
and I got tagged as Ruiner
to be tagged means simply
they put nano chips in yer drink
and 5 days later you're hearing and seeing things
uh huh
uh huh
I shit thee not dear reader

they made a lot of changes to The Process since 94
made it all quite personal
 these fuckers hate me
I am what they call an UNRESOLVABLE they got funny words for everything
except this
know why
cuz this stuff supposedly doesn't exist
it's illegal


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