Thursday, September 19, 2013

Charolette N.C.(sending the e-mail to David)

the vegan man  removes my cuffs
and removes my headset
telling me I have about 5 minutes to shit shower and shave
and that during my toilet and hygiene
he will be in the bathroom
as David cannot
do any of these thinks without "being read and Imparted to)
he remind me that the bio sensors in David's brain pan not only read his mind
and intercept "messages" but that David has no idea where these transmissions are coming from
or presumably that this technology is possible
David assumes as anyone he might tell
that he is "crazy" or going crazy..
David according to phone records and such has told no one
of his situation as to tell another one is hearing voices or seeing things
is an indicator that one is both mad and presumably crazy

the vegan man says this while I a m "taking car of business " on "the can" showering and shaving
he speaks in a monotone
though he makes a point of giggling every now and than
for some reason at my nakedness

I dress
and he tells me to open my computer and
write to David .stating I am interested in him and his profile
I send a pre selected photo (that one the man says of me in a soccer uniform)
he tells me to write that I live in Charlotte as my brother has been hospitalized and is seeing things
and that I am here to help him (as I once had a similar problem when I took acid..
none of this stuff is true I tell Vegan man
and I ask him who doctored the photo of me so it looks like I am on soccer team

"just send it"Vegan man says angrily hold out the headset
which he puts and than tapes to my head
he indicates for me to turn around
and puts my hands in restraint

I lay on the bed
vegan man tells me not to scream
that nobody cares as the
rooms atop and beside me have been emptied
and the noise from the highway buffer everything

I will be back in 7 hours to feed you and see if David has responded to your email

before Vegan leaves the sound and vision begin

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