Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TURNKEY CYBER SYSTEM - Alfredo ,age 73. Oklahoma

"Bring me the Thread of Alfred Garcia"

Linda N. said" I here  he's back in jail..something about a dick pic sent to a minor...what happened Evan? "

"He must have done it when I was  distracted..."

"well this distraction I hope didn't lose us Turnkey's bid

Evan  had recut the tape,the Thread.
an entire 22 seconds

he hoped the JUMP CUT in Thread ..went un-noticed

Evan was a Mentor for the potentially RESOLVABLES but sometimes worked with Turnkey



Alfred Garcia

it's so much fussing about..some much useless information..and way to much nonsense concerning his cat..Evan has not given her a hand's on written "Cliff's Note version of the events leading to the dic pic incident

"I suppose Garcia's cat ate your Summary Evan"

Evan had the summery in his pocket
planning to slip it in the garbage can or burn it

I woman with a tattoos all up and down her neck
with watchful eyes in them

sending and sending
all sorts of Illuminati shit into my in box

the girl/woman with the Illuminati tattoo turns me on but with
 my sterilization and the small disk of some kind of drug
they placed in my privates
I can do nothing

I am allowed to use a computer .
I can not look at
or girls
or porn
or I go back

but this girl got in touch with me not the other way she found me I do not know
I once kept a website about neural monitoring that TURNKEY made me take down
the girl added
all sorts of SHIT to it
aliens aliens agenda
yadda RADA
Nasa shit all over it.

I read her message
something about ancient aliens having technology ..
yeah yeah you crazy bitch
obviously she's never been apped up

she's silly

and doesn't get that the entire  OH boy get out the telescope I see a triangle and a devil face in
the third frame 30 seconds in to this or that film

does she not realize that all intraneural immersive reality
is about is all about " I see this
this reminds me of this"
and that's what helps one stay
on track
like getting a gold star on one's occipital nerve
if one is in good form
and a nasty pubic hair or dead rat visual is over layed upon or over ones visual perceptions

so this chick is looking at a wee sized devil head in some Adam Sandler movie
well Missy
 I see this
Imprinting Augment Sway all day long
I signed up for it
for parole
TURNKEY tells me to send her a dick pic
he wants me to go back to prison
he knows what I think of The New Kid in Town
her name is Marci
she cannot be a day over 14
"send her a dick pic ..she is 18 but dresses young..
you'll get a hearing
no time I swear" TURNKEY says

right .I think

yeah right

TURNKEY CYBER SYSTEM monitors my thinking
TURNKEY knows what I daydream about
the girl
wears exactly the same red overcoat I fantasize about
one another day
when I saw the girl in my thought wearing a striped halter top
amazingly she was wearing exactly one like it
for a week this happened
today one of the guards who monitors me  graphs that on today of all days no thinking my sick thought a TONE asks politely if I can  refrain from focusing on anything untoward
I tell him I know
 I understand..
but still my mind drifts

the company line
that all sorts of sacrifices were made for the good of the cause

I graph that
no matter the case

he interrupts me
there is no case to matter
a horrible thing was done

yes I graph back ..a very very very horrible thing

there is silence
I will not write what I was visualizing or thinking
I am glad dear reader you have neither a headset or a hairnet to read me
The beautiful sound of the TONE explains that-
one must not consider every possibility
but stick with the one
in this case
 of collective consciousness
follow the fold

my mind however drifts
and TURNKEY send a shot of pain into my arm
"You like that .you want more"

and yes
yes I do
the RFD in my left arm
is different from the nano

if I get an x ray it shows
as it is supposed to
for I am a deviant minus 11 on the Trugenic scale
and must be
or serve my time for molesting a small child


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