Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Badda Boink Badda Boom

first I think a moth has flown into the room
a whirl of speckle and golden light
changes the scene
"Hanna" is
life sized
a little different looking today
I reckon some mandler
checked with  some honchos
who told them to
to   ixnay on the Disney bay
though there is  still quite a  semblance to that particular  rendering of "blue Fairy"

her voice is high and flowery
her wings flitter and flim

a bit of an irish brogue

that  "bypasses" my own thoughts
the thought is "I smell metal,"an air traffic controller type yells oooooh shut up dummbo,,just watch the movie"

The Occipital over -ride which appears to me as would a hologram .3-d like I want to touch her..I think,.As I always do I forget my thoughts are not my own and I am ,as they said intellectualizing .
"I said roll with it don't analyze it you idiot" the guy I call the " air traffic guy "interfaces

My mind automatically wants to graph some "come back" towards him

hence I am given "the juice"
which feels like a zing
and my ..what they call Hzs are heightened
to a more receptive state
that makes one responsive to
a 11.3 hz  to one's brain waves

an 11.3 is an awesome state ...
although one can't very well "go out and about" on such a wave
or one will look as if one is
"on something"

 says standing over me

her telepresense is vivid

she boinks my nose with her wand
I feel the boink
"the Man"
has been workin over time
 on getting the sense of touch Right

and of course
 my Mandler  gives me a demo of his progress
with violence

  before I can graph the "Blue Fairy" to piss off
I am pinned down by her

I feel  a cold hard gun in my mouth
I taste the gun
but smell cinnamon(the incongruity of the A.I . ,I begin to think,when I feel the gun go deeper inside me

the fairy smiles and  says
" you know Dumbo
 not paying off one's credit card
or trying to is not quite like not paying a hospital bill it is stealing...what we're going to do today is call the credit card company and set up a payment system...and if you do that ..tonight maybe EVAN will tinker enough with the techno so you can FEEL something else long and hard in your mouth..


 July 9th 2011                                                  "The Book of Kitt"

don't come to LA
or you'll regret it

don't come near me
or you've had it

blowing off steam
crazy steam
like the steam iron wife number 3 burnt me with to coincide with that episode of "Good Times"
you sick fuck!

 if I say Barney
what do you think of but rubble
if I say Dakota
do you think of a state ahh doi ahh doi...

schizophrenia is movies and tv
schizophrenia is virtual reality
schizophrenia is words

love is
thinking without words
words make associations
and destroy a human mind
read Gary Rainy's" Inway to the Enway" again
 and tell me again that Gary Rainy is a fraud

you're the fraud
only a Ruiner thinks Neuronautics is a cult
all cult means is group influenced by someone who knows more or is enlightened
he himself has said "call it a cult .I call it cult-ivation"

you said Neuronautics broke me down
and re-assimilated my past associations

that he scrambled my mind

Gary rainy knows a bit more than YOU
about associations DAD!

associations let more than one person understand 
something collectively
associations also
 let people
their way through life

someone else's WAY
thank you very much but if I want to play the game of life I prefer getting my associations from
an enlightened man

that is your cult
and we are gonna take that Back

TV is going to be so different I can't explain

and WE
are trying it out

the people developing virtual reality ,cybernetics and A.I.
are madmen

they only have self interest at heart

we will see about THEM
they pride themselves on being cowboys

we have an opportunity to start ALL OVER Dad.

we will fight not to have 5 sense direct neural interface
served up by them

gary rainy knew and learned about The New Way
of human top Human Communication
from a Higher Being
than some jackass at ABC

Gary Rainy is developing  Brain Computer Interface  for peace
as if guided by spirits
but TRULY guided by THE LIVING spirit
may you find him NOW

and to get to PEACE you must lose the words and words and words

you  raised  me specifically in a calculated way to respond mainly to televised  stimuli
I am on the wrong side?
raised to be taken
so you could
get Them
I was weak willed at being "gotten" so easily Fuck You!

tv was first developed  as a weapon
you ain't seen nothing yet
I have

 raised like
 the children of The New Way  no way no way no way no way!
to fight the new way

they saved me  from you Dad
you're the bad guys not them


stay OUT of LA stay OUT of MY WAY
or we will cut you UPPPPPPPPPPPP!
not you
are the chosen people scumbag!

we are evolution

YOU are pollution.

You Ruined the world
the first time
Never Again!

you are a ruiner..I feel sorry for you


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