Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Cole": week 57 ( small life video and wallhangings)

you 're in serious trouble
the interface

i'm in mirius doubles? you say?
I graph back speaking gibberish
as the interfaces
have taught me

I don't like being in mirius doubles.what can I do oh genie ..oh miracle of mankind !

mirius double and a peck on the cheek
mirius double and
a spontaneous meet
mirius doubles and
I look at my feet

mrius doubles and and I will be beat

I sing

 to my mandlers
                            which is sooo gay

sooo gay
to them means unmanly

they care don't if someone likes
they care about the COLLECTED ENROT(neural baggage) that being bonked around teased for bein gay .goes away
they have a excuse for everything

I hear nothing and I am afraid
I think to myself The Teachings

to be properly 

schooled toward


 Gary Rainy's state of "How to Be"
begins with
stepping  away from the collective myth and lie
that is television
 one must be properly cleared of  this and all debris
one must be retaught 
to  think in pictures
than in shapes
and colors
and eventual
not in  words


the collective lie that is television ? I graph to Evan
you fuckers made me into a tv set

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