Tuesday, September 5, 2017

( The Devil's Pigs ) The Man in the White Flowered Mask

Jim Gordon hopes to learn about Mr. Bloom who seems to not know himself why he does what he does. He learns of Mister Bloom's odd family backround and the bizarre "Kabal" he describes that is raising children just to script their development and circumstances which rings more true to Gordon when he learns of his own umbrage. Actors who agree to conceieve to test esoteric ancient theories about nurture and be set for life in doing so.
Jim Gordon spots surveillance footage showing him a man in a mask with a flower on it pleading with guard to shoot him; according to the masked man a man named Bloom who speaks to him Straight to Cortex ordered him to wear the get up.
The man identified as Loanie Hailpass says he got high with Bloom who offered to make him a "boy dancer" at the Harm her Club owned by Bill Yum poisoned with biological weapons to make him "dance better".

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