Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wild Pawns ( Scooby Doo and the Central Casting Contessa )

/3/16 I meet Marcus at Steerage for light dinner and return to my cubicle at the 8th Floor .
An all nighter .
Caroline Macy wants us to write at least three pieces about the upcoming Dr. Dell situation .
as "bog" and website by Pete Himmel
Himmel -a lazy son of a bitch - left the bog empty since February of last year
and owes us big time says Macy
a conspiracy manifesto cannot be 16 entries long.
A few writers from some "online Zine " about DMT were asked to help flesh out the thing but gave it a spiritual slant that according to Macy all but botched the entire project beyond fixing.
It's up to me and Marcus to add scary ravings about Deep Government and sh*t to what we call The Himmle Riddle
as that according to Macy is already set to be the hashtag
after Pete Himmle is arrested for breaking into Dr.Dell's apartment and assaulting him violently
Dr. Dell wanted the spin to be about him being a sexual assaulted
but Macy said they wanted Himmle to be thought of as asexual
"a sort of Heaven's Gate" like haircut and look had already been decided by the many stylists coaching Pete how to look doe eyed on camera..
The event is set to occur sometime in late August to keep people's minds off of Proxy Cyber knocking down some mountain or some thing .No ,some Forrest..what's the difference ?.
.It 's the type a certain type gets testy about ..dead birds, polluted water..all that nonsense
Well according to Caroline Macy enough people might that it's important to keep the news feeds more neutral
more fun
and what's more fun than a C-List stalking? And assault?
Dr.Dell has already got an eyepatch.Upset he can't claim the attack that has yet and will never happen was sexual.
Therefore his demand to wear an eyepatch was some type of severance
Pete Himmle of course had his own demands
The writers for one -because even with the Audio Spotlight to help him
"write crazy
he refused to "show up" at the computer to give "The Voice"-a voice..preferring to listen to the damn thing like it was some
toy rather than the impetuous for the "manifesto"
Pete Himmle
some two bit actor transplanted to L.A. 3 years ago
owes 80 thousand to some people you don't want to owe money
agree to play the stalker in return for 4 years in minimum security
and 40% dividend of any future rights to whatever prevailing circumstances we dream up for him as either a film or E book.
and the son of a bitch wrote 16 lousy entries
Caroline wants us to kill two birds with one stone with the upcoming Dr. Dell bit by making Pete Himel's character a targeted individual
chips all in him
Macy is up in the air with Himmle's abilty to "pull it off"
and there's back up..
and therefore more "bogs"to contend with
luckily they all deal with"run ins with Dr.Dell"
Dr.Dell it seems became obsessed with the work on my website that dealt with Dell and his cohorts .Hollywood is full of Illuminati mind control. Parasol Pictures as you know is owned by Logo Communications .One of the 5 satanic puppet masters who control the electromagnetic spectrum with the Aliens who have sodden bloodlines for eons .The Crimson Sect of Carthage have long supported Dr.Dell - a known homosexual -to feast on the mind's of the young.Did you see his turn as the evil Dr Dictorious INTHE Big Little's 3? who does he think he's kidding? The sect of Carthage has encouraged Dr. Dell to use his Hollywood mech isms to implement a New World Order on many with genealogy that for 12 centuries has fought the tribes of Carthage .The NWO and it's henchmen like Dr.Dell have long ago decided to chip all those against the The times of the beast .Dr. Dell who isn't even a Real doctor .became obsessed with my website that drew attention to the influence the Sect of Carthage had concerning a flood ,a tornado and also a strange shape and strange color the moon has had (pictures below From my rooftop with a standard lens..don't worry I will get clearer shots ) since December .
As you know several weeks ago I notices that I was awakening at 6:35 instead of 6:40 when my alarm is set..Next I noticed an apple I had purchased had two stems (pictured below). Many many odd things happened that I cannot recall because whatever Dr.Dell did to me to put chips in my body made me unable to remember certain events
Dr.Dell and his colleagues access the implants repeatedly to make me feel I am under his control .Furthermore he makes me dream of him .Curiously I began liking coleslaw when I have always detested coleslaw .
In order to "know thine enemy" I began watching the devil's show on Parasol Network and was not suprised to note the entire program was about me,My targeting !is fodder for Parasol Pictures tv radio entertainment Zionist military complex. The access to the implants is the center subject for a background performance of Doc Rockers My abusive and the mind reading are entertainment for for The One Percent to smack their Shapeshifting lips at .
"Doctor Rockers" will premier on Tuesday December 15th on the new Parasol Channel .The new station will offer round the clock updates o...

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