Tuesday, September 5, 2017


JIM GORDON is ushered into the room to many "Jim,Jim ,Jim,' sit right downs.from KEN

JIM - This isn't a friendly visit Ken 

KEN (joking ) - So you come as a foe. you really should learn how to keep your oppositional tactics closer to the vest.

JIM - is this how it's going to be with you? An endless volley of words without action?

KEN- I'm not Batman Jim...I'm just a poor civil servant like you.
So tell me Jimmy ? What's this 'isn't a friendly visit "all about ?

JIM -Rivic Industries is not welcome in my police force.

KEN -YOUR Police force is it Jim? i thought it was Gotham's police force.Surely you don't believe YOUR men are skilled at handling terrorism ,riots and surveillance without trained agents

JIM - Yes ,I believe with the right kind of training they could be
It would be one thing if Rivic's employees were with the gov..

KEN - let me stop you right there James. Who do you think the government is or is financed by ? You know Jimmy I had you promoted as Police Commissioner because I thought your Hayseed Naive Realism shtick would appeal to the idiots of Gotham that wanted an 'Old School" symbol of Blue Badge.No other reason.So you enjoy the role while you can and appreciate the perks that come with being a successful actor.

JIM - I am more than an actor Ken ,I'm an elected official and will fight to have Rivic Industries out of not just just the police force but Gotham entirely if need be .

KEN - You have a big mouth Jim ..wonder if it works on Memphis 

JIM - Excuse me ?

KEN - I don't particularly care what you do in your spare time or away from your wife but the idiots in this town who wanted Elliot Ness for Commissioner do.

Jim goes to the window and looks out over Gotham and sees the ashes of
TIM TUCKER ,on the windowsill around a tiny bud sprouting leaves.

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