Friday, September 8, 2017

Other Voices, Other Loons

Another Pace
in another town
wrote the same story

to nobody
and everyone

at the same time

another Pace
had a mother like Layla
who had agreed to raise him for 'Never Again"

and was sacrificed by her son
who convinced himself
she was better off dead

she had been taken by the same Chosen Ones as he
a long time ago

There were no borthers, no sisters, no friends , no nothing
with this type of technology that could dummy one up like a comic book movie

he shead not a tear for the deceased Mrs. Walker
as he had shead none for Uncle Earnie
or Peggy Snow
or "the girl" in the China Men hat

For Accepting what Bloom called his Prime-alities
he was rewarded with a position as Mandler

and moved up The Scale Of Human Evolve

Jim Bloom
May 22
 PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED GIRL from a DRONE'S EYE VIEW walking out of the library.
The Scene is played to track the "GIRL" through crowds out and about in a college part of town
Her long walk home is seen on the screens of BEACON from dozens and dozens of cameras on the street along with traditional shots of the amiable "girl"
We watch the girl move past the crowded section of town
and as she does we view the girl in infra red from a peculiar angle
the image should be frightening.and held for some time as she walks now as something akin to pixels and blue medical scanning topography
Further away from the cars,or people she is once again humanized
-right before BEACON presses a button and shoots her down
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