Thursday, September 7, 2017

The BIG JOKE New study: Isolation from technology and social networks increases risk of labor trafficking

DAVID - They're not real you know .The targets. They're like that Slender Man / This Man ' thing a few years ago
MARCUS - Oh really Temp.Are they ?
DAVID - (as if missing the bullying manner of Marcus ) Oh I'm not a temp ,I've been working here over a year. I'm TI Tim from Macon Georgia and Cindy Miers from Tampa ..
MARCUS - They only gave you two? ha..i do 8 and I've read your feeds (sticking a finger in his mouth making a popping sound ) They're real you know the TIs..
DAVID - no ,they're not ...we have to pretend they are to write it correctly ..Method Writing..
MARCUS - hey Joy boy I took the same classes as you .semantics, linguistics ,rhetoric
DAVID - Do you ever read the posts of supposedly genuine TIs ?
MARCUS - Yes ,I read the posts of genuine TIs and most everything they say is true ..and that ring tone you just heard ? As real as your posts suck bro...
 "app-ed" to write better feed so his targeting can read as authentic.
CAROLINE MACY enters the elevator on the 70th floor and asks DAVID where "he thinks he's going "
DAVID tells her BIFF told him that the TIs are real and not just shills like him trying to equate "anti corporate and anti-media " views with batshit crazy.
CAROLINE - Don't believe everything BIFF or Marcus tell you besides I can't really picture you reading as authentic if someone "app-ed' you to the gills. You David are what we call filler.The spaces in between pure bullshit and 'Who Knows"'s not a bad place to be must understand and appreciate their qualities ..(presses a button on the elevator that would bring David back to where he came from and next looking David over) Do you know what David.Billy might have other uses for you...(turning him around ,feeling his shoulders) why he might even 'app" you (she represses the button,already lit for the 90th floor )
DAVID smiles,CAROLINE turned away looking at the doors smiles as well.

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