Wednesday, September 13, 2017


DENNY PACE puts on a skirt and uses a full jar of rouge to make bright pink circles on his cheeks- sure that the camera is on he sticks his cock up close and personal to Mindy at the  Brain Map lab and spunks all over the screen sticking his fingers in the spew and licking it
yum yum yum 
( he sticks his still sticky fingers up his nose and close to camera begins picking camera Denny speaks )
i take a quick glimpse at some Youtube post about hypergraphia
- 2 nights ago believing it could be added to this assemblage of Sissy Fuss ..
and close the link..( how horrible it is - THIS - is how I spend my days is not lost on me ..pathetic is not the word- there are no words for this cruel and unusual use of a human being literally raised to be some second rate "dilettante artist / outisder " by that scum that went ALL OUT to make me THIS- (may you rot in hell with the "ilk " that been doing this to their own since Moses)

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