Wednesday, September 13, 2017

we don't want another Peter Duggio on our hands Denny Pace

BLOOM appeared to DENNY PACE first as a searing pain on the back of his head and next as silverfish
Haptically teasing it's way up his arm

" Denny Pace
betta' start seeing the bigga' picture yes...aside from your petty concerns you ain't gettin' your fair share ...
somebody gotta' be Denny Pace in duh piece YES?
just as somebody gotta' be Bloom
------you want money Denny Pace ?
nah.....dat' not wot Denny wants
he wanna simply blow the pwoject..
and beweeeve it or not Denny Pace
some dink who meant to wepweeeesent Loony
dwwwwawin' weirdo art vork
ain't dat ' important..
is that CLEAR you fuckin' turncoat ..

BLOOM now appeared as "the Thin Man" in hipster black
sans mask
"""""""""""" is a fuck of alot going on here
                    than a RUINER gone Rogue on Me
                    wanting to shed whatever skin
                    Patrick and Kate spent decades

and you're my little baby Denny
my lover
my friend
my eyes and ears
my jib boom
my mouth piece
my Tiger.......

                  and how my little tiger gonna talk right
                  if he don't frame his jit covered jottings
                  in exactly the template we provided for ya'
what price
is this Denny Pace
to once and for all expose the shit that runs Gotham City
------.We don't want another Peter Duggio on our hands                   

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