Wednesday, September 13, 2017

INT - PARAESOL PICTURES- DAY (Gotham City) /Bloom Where You're Planted

Debra B was Linda N's assistant.It was her job for the next month or months to create a headline grabber by mid March of 201*.It was to bring to light the often overlooked type of person one would label weird or weirdo .Linda stated in a memo that she didn't want "weirdo" or "the weirdo problem" to be association with any crime or "incident"as was typical witrh most"happenings" nor did she want it to be a "puff piece" that diminished "the problem"which Linda N felt was serious enough a subject to highlight, for mass consumption and consideration .Debra B visualized the word in her head,and tried to come up with some kind of mental picture,some type of embodiment she thought.A certain type of art far removed from the type one buys from the right kind of artist .She had once been to a show that presented the work done by people in insane asylums.

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