Sunday, September 10, 2017

Monty Cairo (Batman fandom )

Jim Bloom shared his post.
July 6

Jim Bloom
May 18

.... subjective experience (humiliation, shame ,personal defeats) and how an aggressor with access to such variable (associations) might use such data to break down a person's personality. We seek to use neural data acquisition to study methods a soldier /POW might use to thwart such goals by goading from the subject nuanced deception models of "self talk" and therefore build paradigms of sensory inversion tactics that might block the ability of aggressors equipped with mind decoding devices by simulating such affronts to the brain and nervous system first by overwhelming the "POW" with resonance meant to cause mental fatigue; split attentionality and false attribution...

Jimmy Mundy’s arrangement of a Charlie Christian tune which had first been recorded several weeks earlier by the Goodman Sextet under the title “Good Enough ...

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