Friday, September 8, 2017

Sensation Seekers and the New Saints of Gotham City

Denny believed in nothing anymore

Bloom had seen to that

Bloom was with him everywhere

Bloom was with him every night and day

in his eyes and in his ears

Bloom made him think things

Bloom made him know things about his people


who had made him ugly on purpose to Bloom

where he was planted by the Chosen Ones



Bloom said atop his cortex

"ONE WAY to think
ONE WAY to Be or Yee' Shall be as We See You...

AAAAAAAAAAh Bah bah Bwack Sleeeeeeep
sad face
sad face
forever and all time Darius Crane said PoppaMomma
let thy be as ugly as your thoughts

and here we Izzzzz Denny Dumbo
whose Fugly Eminations against The New Way
have brought me upon thee'

worry not Little Prince
I am not with THEM but Rivic
and together

OOOOOOOOOH the Places We Will GO!

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