Friday, September 8, 2017

Head STick

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    Jim Bloom
    Surely - Ju' waan' be e a pr-pr-pr pritty gurl BOY BOY BOY for your wife-ity wife wife and I'd say say say a bit more more for Memphis..fagggggit...said Bloom ...
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    'Mind reading' technology can reconstruct faces from the viewer's brain For more Latest and Breaking…

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    Jim Bloom
    April 3

    -ooooh he be viewing him like he be skewing him
    has his legs wide open
    his hand kinda' grazing his
    ORLEAN- (to Jim)
    What's wrong?
    JIM - Nothing...(fidgeting ) They just take too long here
    an OLDER MAN and WOMAN walk past JIM and ORLEAN and do a double take
    OLDER MAN - Hey,Your Jim Gordon ,Police Commissioner
    I love your work
    ROBIN,a 20 year old HANDSOME-IE guy makes a purposely loud noise moving his chair,tosses money on the table and leaves
    BLOOM stands outside with DR. LAUREL CANYON
    bags and luggage are on the pavement
    DR.LAUREL -It's all about the SEEDS.Nothing else
    If you keep your eyes on won't be back here2

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