Friday, September 8, 2017

Denny Pace is forced by Bloom to Represent


and "thinks" to him

DENNY - Have I done enough ?

BLOOM strolls around the room dressed in a top hat and tails as thin as a line drawing which he resembles.

BLOOM - Talk of toe nails

                  and dandruff

                  strange smells in the house

                  speak of Gang Stalks and Psych Ops

                  and gases and coughs

                 Write of bad dreams and stalkers

                 and Black Vans and stuff

                 and Perps and New Order

                 and Zionist Puff

                JPEGS of scars caused by waves


                Street Theater -Gaslight performed only for you

                and more stuff just like it

                or you shall see what I DO!

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