Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Harm Her ,love

Throughout Batman Volume 9, the different characters do things that reveal their personalities, usually in a way that conforms to set assumptions about them. Social Representation Theory provides a scaffold to introduce characterizations already ingrained in the audience's mindset. Bloom as portrayed by Scott Snyder is thin ,out of shape and has bad posture; he is creepy ,odd and ungainly. Bloom's nail are long and sharp. The villain is not only unattractive but unhygienic. Things like self care and grooming are either out of his capacity or beyond his consideration.He wears fishnets on his arms and hands. Bloom is not a masculine villain but something perverted in sexuality.Bloom has no face in the graphic novel he wears a head cover over his face representing the type of figure who might hide behind a screen name or JPEG to unleash their menace from a distance - a computer or phone.An outsider with neither the "looks' or physical baring to fish for followers except online.

Most normal people do not respond well to people they feel are physically repulsive people like Bloom cannot round up "a posse" except through unmanly ,cerebral ( not hand's on) interaction which is why Bloom guides his army with direct neural interface.

We rely once again on broad strokes with other key figures in the "bog" that is Batman /Bloom. Denny Pace is a weakling. We see how he engages with his abusive father and the people in the half way he lives in to play "artist" for the evil Reggie Gasker who has promised him fame for faux primitive cityscapes.Denny Pace is without integrity - he cannot stand up for himself without Bloom's intervention. Denny Pace whines incessantly about his mentorship via induced sensory perception demonstrating Denny's innate (eugenic?) inability to adapt to "The New Way". Denny Pace and to some extent Dumbo show a contempt for Deep Learning and little regard for their role as Mister Bloom 's eyes and ears in Gotham. Bloom, "raised by wolves" to help him eventually bring Gotham to it's knees eats crayons and drinks turpentine in Arkham to show his contempt for "Style Makers" and "Change Agents" who run Gotham Paerosol Pictures that he vows to destroy - with his Eminations alone.

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