Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Cop Turned Around ,"we can pretend this never happened..

I can let you off right here , if it never happens again"

The female cop gave him a look - the same look his foster mother used to give him- the saem look 'The Girl " in whateveritwascalled used in 'That Show" he had seen last night that seemed to set him off..

"...bein' that you're a FRIEND of GARY RAINY's huh? Being that we're both Friends of Gary Rainy..'

'How many chances do you think you get in THIS Little Man ...?' the female cop said,'You might not care about yourself but it says here that sister of yours married to that "Nigger" of Ours...'

Biff gulped.

The male cop smiled ,looking at him through the rear view mirror , "Ya's see ? That's a NORMAL RESPONSE to the situation get the fuck out of my car"

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