Friday, September 8, 2017

The Sicko Left Behind a Hypersexual Manfesto

an of course knew about Jim's proclivities as it concerned such things.Orlean believed such matters were none of anyone's business but in a town like Gotham anything and everything is used against another .
Orlean being civic minded and a friend of Jim's suggested that a marriage might help him as it concerned Gotham's security ,claiming she certainly didn't want Rivic using anything he had -or thought he did - against him
They married and their friendship became more intimate.Both agreed not to have children as children are often the first thing one might use against anyone in the field of "agency "
Since the Rivic " incident'Jim soft peddled his idea to use mind scanning technology on criminals and would be criminals because Rivic .who worked for a private security firm certainly didn't want their goldmine ( A.I. and Brain Computer Interface )falling into the wrong hands
Jim Gordon can't afford to get too worked up
Lately he finds if he does
a disturbing ,almost dystonic tenseness burrows into his neck ..his skull
his Being ..
Jim doesn't tell Orlean ,his wife or Memphis , his boyfriend he's been seeing things
It all began 2 weeks ago when he was dealing with the Angela Dobson case
She too had been targeted by Rivic's firm.
Of course the Black Slacks at the "commissioner's office " had schooled him in the basics of neuroweapons
and how such weapons that altered physiological function -to in essence turn the bodies own nerve signals (as well as vascular and endocrine systems) against itself via frequency and electromagnetics
and most frightening the specifics of neural function that dealt with sensory perception ,emotion and cognition
No "chips" needed --no "seeds" but biotech ..for a decade or more -the size of blood cells certainly made the experience more specific and thus more terrifying
Jim Gordon kept the effects to himself -for he had seen what happened to those who claimed they were entrained in
these weapons -that for all known purposes -did not exist -outside a science fiction "comic book ' franchise
felt all the more terrified for the odd lingering effects were indeed cumulative
had Gordon
interviewing those poisoned with Mister Bloom's- the so called seeds

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