Friday, September 8, 2017

Starlet ( a face to kill for )


she had begun feeling tingling all up and down her cheeks ..and a pressure .across her cheeks and nose..driving home from the set she felt her palate crack..
the pressure on her face did not feel like any allergy...she had eaten nothing that she was aware of that could have set whatever seemed set off-off.
she didn't dare look in her rearview mirror .Some how she just knew .Not to.
somehow she also knew.
NOT to go a hospital.
she had heard about this happening other actors ,mainly actresses
but why her?
At home Kimmie went to the bathroom mirror
her face was swollen 2 or 3 times it's usual size.
It was a face one looked away from
but Kimmie could not.
as there was a feeling that had gone through here
that made her oh so still..oh so gone..and oh so disaffected..
with the very last "sense" of separateness from the "tether"
for that is what it felt like
she was glad she felt numb or the sight of her face this swollen and this mis-shapen would have sent her spinning ,feinting
but there she stood..
she removed her phone and began filming.
When people asked her later why she had filmed herself "like this" she told them
Evidence of what?
Kimmie next began to type all over the social media
it isn't like being possessed
Kimmie Baker thought and next typed
because you are completely aware
Of the intrusion ..
and that they intrusion is not supernatural but something else much more devious
Kimmie thought ~ if it..if the tether ..the interface was "only" about a complete taking of the self
That might in fact be easier
Only because than ,eventually -she'd be gone
Kimmie thought of the girls. The women - she had heard of speaking about being drugged and raped
With Rohipnol
Or another date rape drug
And thought
Would this better
For the victim?
Than being wide awake through the ordeal? an ordeal that was not about drugs...(they would find none in her system when she did in fact "check in')
but about poison.
Poison that was meant to always be inside you..
to go with the poison of your upbringing...on Neuro Linguistic s and Cues..and what her father called "setting"
The pressure on her palate ,cheekbones,nasal cavity. the mirror some invisible Entity was pushing ..and pulling her insides beneath her skin
her tongue was now frozen ...her lips felt pins and needles..her mouth tastes of metal..
She heard a pitch ..a tone that had begun that morning getting louder..
her eyes too were swollen but there was something else going on with her vision.
she had begun seeing objects.. identifiable representations ,symbols in the least developed outline of all things..
She wanted whatever seemingly was taking her over to
take her
Wasn't being operated on under anesthesia
Preferable to undergo-ing surgery-awake she found herself THINKING to the 'Sensation "as she might THINK to another REAL PERSON
that is how connected somehow she felt to "this "Other within her
Next she found this THINKING away from the same neural state that had allowed her to deal with seeing her disfigured face in the mirror without terror was bring her up and away from whatever mental process that had kept her "stuck" there.
Kimmie lowered her face
from the mirror to the sink and saw the camera still on..
What had she done?
Kimmie saw her ruined face on the cell phones screen and the words message sent
The phone began ringing
but there was an entirely different kind of call
Kimmie was now entrained in..
away from the bathroom..away from the mirror..
away from herself and thankfully she thought. Intuit with the SENSE
she was being SET
was the point
and SET Kimmie understood from her father
and understood the rough times..and necessary uncomfortable emotions of "SET"
according to Dad were always
always worth
the rewards
only some families ,some groups Dad had told her turning off the light and holding her "that way" understood that walking across the hot coals made it possible to walk on air.

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