Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Do ya' Wanna Play a Game ?

In Gotham - "Sun Flower" Scott Snyder's Mister Bloom ,a derelict on his way to Potter's Field after being branded and  carefully manicured to represent as "outsider/ mental patient" by Wayne Industries and thus fodder for no holds barred human experimentation is no longer a man but a vessel for rigorous 24/7 cybernetic testing. Because the weapons "bullets" do no show it is important Bloom's face and gate and posture are made to.
Calcium ion influx, edema and dystonia are side effects of Direct Energy Weapons and Bloom is asked to parade his now hideous visage around Gotham.
Can you spot Mister Bloom and the "magic changes" a weapon made to mimic madness and a host of other diseases makes to his carriage and looks?
Bloom fed up with being Golam to the Golam Project strikes back creating a weapons meant to make the sons of researchers and propagandists "feel the noise".
The Mini Pulse Hounder ,first introduced in "The Poison Mushroom" by Glok Sniper to help equate fugly with a certain type of talk about all things Singular in nature is used by Bloom and his minions - The Devil's Pigs to make others look like Poison Mushrooms as well. 
Being hit with Extreme Low Frequency, Microwaves and Acoustic Devices through walls and 2 inches of skull bone 'plays" to other as madness , malingering and nonsense. So directed is the 'blue beam" that none except the recipient of Job like "gaming" understand the situation which Bloom hopes to change by showing the entire town what it feels like to be - The Posion Mushroom
Being hit by Active Denial Non lethal Weapons ( masquerading as A.I. research and more shit than a sea level sewer system to keep the entrainment 'poignant') reduces the victim's lifestyle and indeed physical movement ,cognitions and ability to function to a state of near infantilism which is exploited by those who can alter brain function to alter thought process to it's polar opposite in seconds. Self awareness ( I am being hurt , this is really happening ) is key to causing the victim maximum distress. 

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