Wednesday, September 13, 2017

it was hard to think of "It" as a floating world when the 5th floater turned up

on the shores of the "Gotham River"
thought Biff
and just as he "thunk It" he saw
another one
dressed as Mister Bloom
making a trigger finger gesture at him
as if he didn't care who saw it-
"I see you Faggggggit ,"Biff yelled
watching "Bloom" shrug and grab the ass of a "girl" who
looked like "The Girl" in something or other -
BIFF was now considered a RUINER by Neuronautics
who liked to show off their
Kabbal like stance on those who didn't believe
in the "science - ideology" of "The Eminations"
"fuckin KIKE!," Biff shouted at the man dressed as Mister Bloom
when he heard a siren-
"Hands On Your Head,"said the cop
,any Sharps?"
"Ha, " Biff said," I wrote the god damn Brenda Sharp shit "
The cop smashed Biff's head hard onto the police car's front
and snapped a picture of him

"A man said you were pointing your finger like a gun at him and made a limp wrist gesture with your hand ...that's Hate Speech...silent speech but speech just the same "

A female cop came up behind him ," I have a cousin whose a lesbian "

'And I have a brother in law whose a god damn Nigger! Who Gives a flying Fuck ...don't you care about the big picture here or are you ONE OF THEM !"

'A Nutter," the male cop laughed," we'll take him to Arkham"

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