Tuesday, September 12, 2017

nick knight and Gale

)It was Nick Nico's job to create holograms that would 'come' from one's phone's once both the proper and improper research and development was over and it was also to be Nick Nico's job to demonstrate how one might feasibly be able to 'be on a stranded island" with a hologram alone and never feel-alone.
To cement this "fact" that a prospective consumer of the new Proxy Praxis phone that allowed for both sound and 3 -d vision to BE 
-just like Being -"here ,There and Everywhere Immersive-ly Proxy Cyber purchased a desert island and a film crew for Nick Nico to PROVE this was feasible ..by asking to Nick to move to this desert island and ONLY communicate with whom ever was Tele-Presenting to him through his his phone at any give time ,on any given day to film a ONE YEAR "tour of Proxy.Praxis pragmatics.
The film crew would not be allowed to speak nor interactive with Nick Nico as the Reality program based on the experiment of one needing ONLY a variance of "virtual reality by Proxy "needed Nick to prove one could seek and find the equivalent of face to face companionship via the Proxy Praxis smart phone. 
It was decided that the program whose working title was "A little trick with Nick" would air 2 months prior to the Proxy Praxis being released to the general public.
It was also decided ,unbeknownst to Nick Nico ,the inventor of the Proxy Praxis that after 2 weeks the entire film crew would leave the island and thus Nick alone with only electronic sound and visions via the new smart phone. Nick ,now genuine stranded on a desert island with his Proxy Praxis .In advance, unbeknownst to Nick Nico upon purchasing the small tropical island scores of hidden and semi hidden microphones and cameras were placed around the island so no one could ever say that Nick kept his sanity ONLY because he was at least aware and thus fortified psychologically by the film crew 's physical presence
(2) Only during the initial 50 seconds of opening credits would the montage of the endless work Nick Nico and his research team spent actually creating the technology so holographic real time sound and vision would and could be cost efficient and yet another "can't do without " app a consumer needed to be consumed by 
Other's at Proxy Cyber had the task of figuring out a campaign to teach people= they should not feel like fools talking and interacting with a giant cartoon Zebra or whatever other "avatar" another wished to "present" as on either end of the line on a commuter train, public sidewalk etc.
This campaign lead to various of Nick Nico's future correspondents to script a years worth of simulated reality to keep Nick Nico suitably sane ..
Several "brainstorm' meetings were held for 'A Little Trick with Nick"
some renditions sweet and whimsical- 
Nick Nico wooing his version of Jessica Rabbit by Proxy Praxix 'Michael Row your Boat Ashore 'on a set of rocks (one rick for Nick and one for Jessica) in front of a holographic drift wood fire complete with a loop of "spontaneous" crackle and tossed embers.
And some 
a little more provocative
(3)Nick had told his higher ups at Proxy Cyber "no thanks" to the Reality Show /Infomercial 
but changed his mind when the topic of "app-ing " came up -again-
if Nick chose ,once again ,to display attributes that amplified his Attenuations NOT being geared being "a team player,"and allowing for Merge biotech to be placed within his body he would not only lose his job but as the conditions of initial employment governed not be able to seek employment in any company nor agency dealing with "advanced technologies ,communications ,computers ,biotechnology ,nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, academics ,organic chemistry ,science ,publishing ....and the list went on and on.... 
Funny,thought Nick in a clip scraped by the editors of "A Little Trick with Nick"(as it looked "too thinky" for the demographic Proxy Praxis was being primed for ) during pre -production, pre-island filming 
-tinkering with components on the smart phone -how in three years or less - it would not seem odd to see a grown man in a Lexus having a heart to heart or fist to face argument with a visage of Betty Boop in the passenger seat " .After many,many attempts at filming Nick Nico thinking in a way that would best appeal to the 23-28 demographic that would appear 3.5 seconds before the first shot of "Proxy Praxis presents "A little Trick with Nick" followed immediately of ESTABLISHING ARRIEL SHOT of a speck of tan and green in the deep blue "see"....
"Funny thing" thought Nate messing around with various circuits on the Proxy Praxis Smart Phone theatrically for the the cameraman "to give the viewer a GQ version of sexy but non threatening "Tech Geek stance "that Nick according to the line producer wasn't even trying to project but was deliberately trying to have a "funny" look on his face- .Angrily the producer and director left Nick Nico alone to focus on his telegenic self comportment which sent Nick into just the "lost introverted look" that so perturbed the filmmakers -
"Funny thing ," thought Nick 
...that he could never quite get that " funny look
" off his face" 
and Nick could not help but think that it was this "give away of introspection" that had his bags being packed right now by his assistant to send him literally to a desert island for his inability to mask his inner monologue
funny, though was NOT the word 
for what might be the things on Nick Nico's mind
but suspicious- according to the various facial recognition cameras in every nook and cranny of Proxy Cyber's Office Park/ Laboratory.
Often because of this facial recognition equipment Nick was called to task
by his superiors to who wanted to KNOW what he was "up to" 
(5) Nick Nico refused to allow Proxy Cyber to place Merge Bio Tech Sub Particles
in his blood stream and subsequently his brain 
to surmise IF Nick's "funny thinking" contained elements -"not so funny"
but sneaky and subversive that Proxy Cyber perceived as not only as Contrarian to the company 's image but also Un -American
Linda N .had used the same company tag line on Nick Nico that she had on the entire workforce several years ago when the Mind Augment Mind Signal Acquisition Division all but forced it's employees to "go sub dermal" with Merge biotech
after all Merge Bio Tech WAS Proxy Cyber's brand
and a brand of bio tech The Corporate TEAM should be proud to not wear not only upon their personage-
but INSIDE their person 
"where it MATTERED MOST"
as 'Only Someone with Bad Thing on their Mind minds Mind Decoding technology" 
more than 70 percent of the Proxy Cyber work force had allowed Merge Bio tech into the neural tissue voluntarily
according to Linda N. -so Proxy Cyber could spy on their thoughts 
but so Proxy Cyber WOULD NOT need to...
for "if one went along with the "app-ing" 
their minds would be monitored ONLY by a computing system that worked in tandem with Merge bio tech to sweep an employee's brain IF red flags of Evoked Potentials caught musings of an employee wishing to vocalize ,handwrite or electronically distribute one's thoughts and pre neural intents concerning Intellectual Property that pertained to Proxy Cybernetics {{{{{{{{{{{ candelatech emodulus rueegsegger stacknode trailen decode vision dreamscapes hidden mental states brain activity Tv to human organism priority carbon nanotube transistor decipher subjects seeing hearing feeling recall fantasize also dream/ forced focus via threat to human organism so enough response can be collected to predict what a person is seeing dreaming /self referential activation /character associations predicative personality profile market research visual cortex which voxels respond most strongly to a stimulus, such as seeing a face reaction to "looks" of actor self referential high or low neural spike comparison programming techniques discard data from voxels ambivalent televised triggers cues to trigger very specific patterns of activity in humans organism envy empathy apathy aggression self comparatives weight age physique orientation disorientation broadcast appearance as affront or motivation toward self improvement inference general categorization deciphering edges of high traffic pupil gaze or" gaze away' decode intention to go left or right based on character identification extract further information quickness of attenuation toward film fade dissolve abrupt cut flicker effect amygdala brain's visceral realm detecting lies via broadcast plot shift character identification broadcast TV collective myth consciousness reliably incite collective memories 

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