Thursday, September 7, 2017


This again" -

the Denny likes to KILL people with his mind shit Mister Bloom is so crazy about
Denny wrote in his seizure "calender"
8:02 - 9:00 pm

picturing "one of the Team" having a laugh at his expense

he pictured someone at the Gotham Office of Interior Intent or whoever was running his mind and body into a vegetative state

I AM LOSING MY MIND for some corperation
several thousan dof them according to - what?
hell if I know
in my hypergraphic state and this idiotic belief someone is watching the feeds
outide of The 8Th Floor Social Media and Parasol Search Engine
who have more patents then NASA ,. the NSA and fuck knows who else
to indeed create this intrusive disgusting tech

"IT is YOU Denny Pace who are DISGUSTING not the Tech <" Mister Bloom
shouted making Denny see little dolls and next "girl-ie , baby " cartoons

"YOU'Re a SICKOOOOOOO Mister Bloom," Denny thought
believing in spite of himself this synthetic telepathy was real

but how did Bloom make him see
Denny felt an impulse to go on another forage seek and find hunt online

For whose fucking benefit
who gave a fuck what he POSTED
he wanted Blood
that was true

and then ...
his discomfort stopped
and masculine images appeared

"Goooood Boy ," Bloom 'graphed'

Denny tried not to be swayed by Bloom and trie dto think
THINK DENNY what he was doing
- the seizure watch
the recording of fits of hypergaphia and scripted narrative Bloom or one of the other ones transposed upon his mind


He imagined 'the team"
reading his feed thinking ----------YES to Prop 17
with "this dupe's" help of course to keep the testing going another decade

---how many more TIs would jump or hang themseleves

DIE MISTER BLOOM! Denny shouted

Denny forced himself not to look at the latrst post
they had to do with their agenda not his
Mayor Elaine Husk's proposal that any and all people who write or talk about
"Hearing Voices" should be placed under supervision
and not be allowed to write online as according to Max Fate
of The Gotham Gazette so called Troubled Individuals
"share their demons " and thus delusions on the web.

Bloom wanted him to write of demons and we ain't talking metaphorically
but like he believed in such things.

Why Denny didn't know- it seemed to in fact subtract from his cred
as Mental Patient who thinks everyone is after him.

"It's done Denny Pace , whether you take it down or not understand Weirdo Spastic Scum? You used Valerie's real name're as Dumbo as they come and you're god damn seizure watch think anyone gives a flying fuck about sicko spastic weirdo watch it Denny Pace if you go taking it down Freak what happens next .."

Denny suddenly felt afraid and not because of Bloom's words but because Bloom or whoever he was aimed microwaves at his mind and body to illicit fear. Denny saw Bloom as a man dressed in black with a mask on his face standing against the wall. In spite of himself he became convinced again Bloom could read his mind and Bloom himself was aiming sight above his ..that his hallucinations weren't jus tcaused by the weapons and suggestion and repetition of the same themes over and over and over until "his team" knew from his writing exactly what to ...

"SHUT UP FAGGIT and don't think you're going to kill yourself because we won't let you...we'll turn on the HOPE just long enough mister to keep you going ..but we is gonna try something new friend ...we gonna alter some of your body functions , glands and pituitary ...make you more girlie ...estrogen levels..all dat' fine shhhhhhtuffff Litte Man if you don't respect THIS!"

DENNY got up and grabbed his coat BLOOM yelled

"SIT THE FUCK DOWN DENNY ...oh ," BLOOM graphed ,nicely and for a moment Denny felt this sense of nice run through him as if the two of them were one ," don't forget to set the egg times and the seizure watch FAG"

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