Monday, September 11, 2017

1981 UK - temporary paralysis, forced speech, suicide

n 1981 until 1983/84 Female activists, concerned by the deployment of US nuclear weapons on British soil, staged a non-violent protest around the perimeter fences of the Greenham Common and were unknowingly subjected to microwave nonlethal weapons to end the protest 
In late 1985 the women living in the peace camps at Greenham Common began to experience unusual patterns of illness, ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, temporary paralysis, nausea, palpitations and bouts of faulty speech coordination all are classic symptoms of microwave poisoning. There were also two, late in the second trimester spontaneous abortions. Suspicious of the possible use of electromagnetic weapons, they looked for help.
Electronics Today magazine carried out a number of measurements and in December 1985 published their report that concluded:
“Readings taken with a wide range of signal strength meters showed marked increases in the back-ground signal level near one of the women's camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects. They noted that if the women created noise or a disturbance near the fence, the radiation rose sharply.”

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