Tuesday, September 12, 2017

he looked at the alphabet board meant to serve as output to best

synthesize aspect of telepathy knowing it served no purpose unless it was
taken apart - for parts
specifically the parts that absorbed electromagnetic pulse
-if he could only understand how the 'physical plant" of the device itself worked
he could develop a variation of EMP weapon to use on Gotham's best and brightest
Big enough to feel they could conduct EMP tests on "the Lessors"
to discover how a Slow Kill worked

sure- in the mean time - on at least one IP adress
he would continue to "rave on"
that his "job"
in demonstrating 'how well " the weapons made one's mind into pudding..

(look how the monkey we gave finger paints has spasms - and thus makes marks - every time I press this button to make his cortex go from Beta to Theta )

I was nothing more than the leg of a frog spasming each time
a wire was applied

I wanted nothing more than to take one of Gotham's finest's children
and do the same
in Real Time
on camera

for all to see.

they knew a person disabled by acoustic and psychophysical weapons
would write and write on the social media
well past the point of realization
that the social media was but a way
for those feigning synthetic telepathy
to gather every association , cue predictive response
from- The Respondent...

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