Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Cobbled Children of The Cobblepot Gang

The now disclosed films and audio tapes of Dean DeMarco and Timmy and Tony Tannenbaum are a must for any psychologist or anyone interested in studies on nature vs nurture as many of the techniques used in Monarch Programming would be strongly frowned upon in today's social and political environment
Augmenting Human Intellect: :A Conceptual Framework 
By Douglas C. Engelbart October 1962 
• Prepared for: Director of Information Sciences, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Washington DC, Contract AF 49(638)-1024 • SRI Project No. 3578 (AUGMENT,3906,).
(1)Timmy placed the ads everywhere online to sell some of the DVDS he had made from "found footage" concerning the taping of their child lab rat beginnings
...Timmy used what money he had left from the measly stipend he now received form the Frequency Allocation Committee to keep his mouth shut about the carbon nano tubes betwixt his neurons
The "apps"
The Merge so mimicked mental illness that he also received a paltry stipend from the state for "psychological issues"
It had been part of "the deal"he help minimize whatever embarrassment the several agencies might have regarding the tests.
He had been game ,as had Timmy in their 20's but...
age has a way of dealing with one's mechanics that often causes deals to be broken.
So many sociological tests being done to the Proxy
oddly required a type of poverty that induced a type of agression
Timmy began to understand
the Greater Good
of it all too well
but in the time before
much larger social studies would be performed upon the masses
Timmy needed "the more,more ,more" they saw on TV and every screen
Timmy made hand fliers to sell their Traumatic Ritual Abuse that was captured on Super 8
Timmy ,the Goofus (thanks to the extra 12 seconds the Babysitter's Boyfriend kept the dry cleaner bag over his head during the requisite age 2 and a half patterning session ) to Tony's Gallant push pined the ad for the DVDs to telephone poles to sell the Frequency Allocation Tests done on "the boys" since the day they were born.
...Timmy saw across the road a man dressed just like him placing push pins but no paper on telephone poles ,sometime "these placed provocateurs" were the ONLY thing that made Timmy smile.

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