Friday, September 8, 2017


BLOOM stood now a mere 3 inches high on the desk
his disgusting face made even more so
by the gestures he was making with his
tongue between his fingers
in a V -shape
darting in and out

"Das  Suspect's Hypersexual Jottings das Give INshhhhhite Into an Unwaveling Mind ......,' Bloom said

making Denny see a glowing neon sign

Blink....Denny Pace
and we find JIM GORDON with MEMPHIS FIDDLER in das'
Monarch Motel.....

DENNY stared at the cursor going blink blink blink

"no," Denny thought at the camera on the computer
and thus thought to himself Mind's Eye
"NO!," and thus 'thunk" to his
Team at Proxy Cyber...

who made him see Layla Pace 's face....

"YES , Dumbo Denny , " Bloom whispered past his ears to his auditory cortex

"or the sow you came outta' gits' it ?"Bloom said making a throat slashing gesture

"Goooooooooood Boy" 

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