Sunday, September 10, 2017

Darius , Son of John

The film is about Darius Crane , an alleged target of the Cobblepot Gang who run Gotham City. Darius, son of Dr. Jonathon Crane is used as a pawn by the Cobblepot Gang to represent "an easily identifiable type" whose online behavior might elicit 'payback". To manufacture this "ubiquitous loner, outsider" persona Crane and his Merry Band of Denkers purposely stilted the child's development and subsequently warehoused him in socially precarious situations by introducing him into "the system" whereupon he finds himself treated by several "mind doctors". A host of psychological problems brought on by teams of Human Ecology experts curious to see how neuroleptic drugs might work upon a man with no mental issues leads to Darius Crane 's subsequent indoctrination into The Parnel Program. Darius is asked to starve himself to show the weapons effectiveness as causing somatic disturbances.Darius goes into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusion.
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Brandon Crane ,son of acclaimed psychotherapist Dr. Jonathon Crane , said his speech at Gotham Ice Rink came after his drink had been spiked with Daze-ie by his brother Darius Crane (Mister Bloom ) released on his own recognizance from Arkham Asylum. Brandon , a noted intellectual properties lawyer insisted he did not hold the views expressed in the "rant" he made about Jim Gordon and Mayor Elaine Husk and his brother Darius transmits input upon his 5 senses based on his decoded thoughts. .
Brandon admitted his rant in the several videos onlookers took of him looked like the words he was saying were his but states Darius has somehow gotten hold of technology that controls a person as if a puppet. Brandon ,charged with public nudity has been fired from his law office Daniels, Dent and King

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