Friday, September 8, 2017

The Treble and Daniel Johnston

ing to make eye contact with Marginal like this,not now and soon - be it Never Again .
I turn my Attentionalities back to Denny Pace's work
And next gaze about the dining room. How many? Millions? of the dead-while-living does that give us? We don’t dare speak of Redundancy in The Pool do we .But we must Now more than ever.The New Way asks us to look and not avert out sense that this is all of our fault and that -we have a dream to pursue and we must follow and find it. Jump man ,jump
"More than any other psychiatric "disease" is schizophrenia defined by a visual image of what the con...
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pop Up Ads for a new brand of Men's Cologne called 'Ruiner" seemed to jump in on Denny Pace whenever he tried to ad any academic studies to his -document -concerning his Targeting by and with "so called" Direct Energy Weapons and Neuroweapons
along with PEDRO over-lapped upon his natural sight telling him HOW MUCH HE OWED PROXY CYBER for the ULTRA ULTIMATE biG LiTTles EXperience.
"Never Before has a Man taken so much from the Expo and Given so Little Back !" screamed PEDRO walking -seemingly -across the very keys he typed on
"I do hope THAT is what you are placing FIRST and FOREMOST in your Suicide Note -because Pussy Boi THAT is What this Is...
Pain zipped through the back of DENNY PACE"s HEAD and the SOUND of a ping ball being sent back and forth began -as it had the last 5 days
until DENNY swallowed the neuroleptics he had gotten as a 'one time thang' from Dr. Pinkus to -as Pinkus said 'cover all the bases"
DENNY was tired of 'covering all the bases' for Proxy Cyber who had done so little to cover his own -
Always DENNY forgot that it was HE that agreed to the Deal
that he live ,work and play as their Resident Artist
-an Outsider who subsided on NOTHING MORE than the need to make his mark on paper
PEDRO reminded DENNY he would be remembered as a cantankerous boar who had done more to squander the worth of the Mentally Challenged than Hitler and Goebels combined by renouncing his OUTSIDER STATUS as but a STAGING so -
In the Semiotics of Things one's In Plain Sight was a Signifier of Lessor Being
-There But for the Grace of Cogs go I
Reggie Gaskill had cried in a Eureaka like manner when DENNY PACE first delivered the hideous and disturbing 'Objects of Art" to the Gallery
all Sour Patch faces being -taught a Lesson -they wouldn't soon erase from the net
when inevitably those against The New Way felt their compromised cadence in JPEG after JPEG proved -beyond a doubt something indeed was WRONG in "Testworld"

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