Friday, September 8, 2017


certianly it meant something more
a test
it could not just be this

thought Denny
brought up on TV and Film that always gave reasons like this

"Reason made by People who have reasons for this and they are not good , they rely entirely on people's basic belief in Goodness but they are smarter than the rest of us and realize MAN can rule others with this"

Denny could barely stand listening to Bloom
he never stopped
because he told Denny

"I have been cursed by The Chosen Ones who discovered I Eminate badly into the Enway....not only have they made me ugly but have have done something to my brain to make me need to speak or write all the time..."

I have but one chance to redeem myself and regain my previous form and figure Denny Pace and that is through You ...

together we shall start Riots in The Narrows

jump the fences of The Rich

and bring about marshal law on Gotham! 

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