Friday, September 8, 2017

i am made to see little personal symbols of humilation

"they" know all about me 
and YOU 
they are GOD - real GOD -- eyes and ears..
know all our BUTTONS cuz the point was to get us pressing buttons
snap snap
the style of the times Oprah - fied little at a time 
to actually change our style of communication

made to see the overhead sight over my own natural sight 

a warning 

people hate you dumbo
for being a freak

you are a shame 
you are shame itslef
you made all this horrible

------------------------------------------------------------i am sick
--------------this is true-----------------------------
---------------------------------i don't even know if it's from the weapons
or 'the ---weapons in THE RIGHT HANDS gooooooood thing
me just make all things bad
and will pay and never see it coming 
i have heard over and over these past days 

"If you STOP Dumbo -the Sky is the Limit "the V2K "says"
-for once I pause ( the last few days have been hell ) I want to discover what this means-
money?-less Sound and Vision ? A new Placed love interest to sweep me off my feet ?
-Guy Woodhouse "No Time for Sergeants" (1955)

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