Friday, September 8, 2017

but then again The Gangs of Gotham City
knew they needed their Gordons to properly
play the part of Good Guy in the Public Eye

and these stagings only worked if the player
was what they were - down to the genenome

"and staging is what you are pretty boy," Rivic thought
watching Jim Gordon using the computer programs
to undo tangles of feed meant only for Gotham Security
personel to use not HIM.

Aware of his thoughts- ," old Jim is, not so pretty
redundant actually ," Rivic once again thought of
what it might be like to be dosed - poisoned-
for thought decoding
and some take on brain computer interface

Rivic ,approaching Jim , thought he wouldn't mind it.
He unlike a freak like Denny Pace, also born to be had
would n't mind it
He had a normal mind not rife with abberation.

RIVIC - What did I say about James Gordon
leaving it alone.

JIM - I don't recall you saying anything that distinct
-come here I wan tto show you something. This eqipment
is pretty neat

"Neat," thought Rivic , did he actually use that word.
'Give the dog a bone ," thought Rivic, he loved playing
with children .
And then and there he decided play it would be.

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