Sunday, September 10, 2017

i spent years with the guy trying to teach him how

to say the same thing
in a manner that wouldn't make him
come off like a god damn lunatic

but you know how he was raised
weren't supposed to
but Ruiners
TruGenically I reckon
don't give a good god damn about anything
but their own Hzs

now what do you suppose one would
like to do to a guy decided to throw it all
away because "it's his ball " and he don't wanna PLAY
no more..

guy like that
who was made to understand why certain things were done
and indeed understood -the ends justifying the means
which indeed were drastic - to say the least
I reckon having not many traits to be a self made protagonist
lazy bitch- after all the time spend working with him
takes the low road

now a guy like that
deserves whatever happens to him
don't ya' think Dumbo...?

I mean really Dumbo
don't ya' think at all ?

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