Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 8 1969 ( Batman - YEAR ONE ) Nixon's Family Assistance Program

INT- GROUP HOME ( Gotham City) - DAY
We see the "Clients" get into a "black " van. And a "Gang" of Change Agents helping the Children of 'Lessor Gods" go on a field trip.
We see a young man get -left behind - as a Change Agent / Social Worker /"Nurse Maid " we are to understand is in charge of these"unfortunates" looking over a list on a pad seems to imply the young CLIENT is to not enjoy 'a day trip" to partake of normalcy far from removed from this means of warehousing a "Non - Person"
"Disgruntled" with this exclusion the CLIENT retreats to "his" room'
-as planned
he lays on his bed/ after all what -else - does a Mental pateint do all day ?
"This is the Gotham State Army ..." the CLIENT hears out of nowhere, "rip up your money and ID NOW!"

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