Tuesday, September 5, 2017

a man in binds

he Semiotics of Killing
Brain Mapping UCLA
Every assassination is a symbolic act. Murder in the form of semiotic value provides a context to the act of violence that a random shooting, stabbing ,etc cannot and do not ...'
Semiotic fuzzy logic user and metadata interface means for interactive multimedia system having cognitive adaptive capability...
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the realm of his own creation.
The real world to Mister Bloom is empty and meaningless
-in contrast to the 'mysteriously significant"world he has made.
Bloom is extremely intolerant of any frustration that occurs in the -outer world and deals with it by withdrawal into the interior realism
He has no real attachment to others ,although he may attack symbolic and private meanings or values to other people"
"Sounds like some shit they put in an old CSI episodes to gauge squirm via bio signal recon in West Memfis..to discover who feels they relate to the pretty boy police commissioner 's posturing "
"Duke ,since when were there any police commissioners on CSI?" Jim says.
'Girlfriend ,don't flatter yourself," Duke said
It was uncharacteristic for Duke to speak like this ,really to speak at all when Jim spoke but all day long people had been speaking to him in the unusual way.
Jim touched the base of his head.
Duke smiled at him , a smile like a Joker ,"What's wrong Jim..are you OK?"
Duke brushed the side of his face like he was some girl in the mailroom.

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